In 1929, J. B. Schermerhorn, approached his friend and lumberman Charles J. Winton and asked if he would form an oil exploration company with him. As son Dave Winton wrote in his 1971 memoir,W’sBack to Back:

"The Schermerhorns would undertake the responsibility for drilling the wells. We would lend the company the cash to buy the lease. We would share equally if we hit oil. If not we both would lose it all." "We struck oil - and struck it good."

In 1963, Kenwood Oil Company became Canadian Kenwood Company (CKC) and members from each of the three family branches have served as general partners over the years:

Charles J. Winton, Jr.
and sons Charles J. Winton III and McDonald Winton.
David J. Winton
and his son David M. Winton,
Helen Winton Jones
And her son Winton Jones, and grandson Carl Jones.

Several years ago a limited liability company was established to serve as general partner of CKC. The two current managing members of that LLC are Rufus Winton (a descendant of David J. Winton) and Helen Cleveland (a descendant of Helen Jones).

In addition, as early as 1945, descendants of Charles Joel Winton acquired other oil, gas and mineral interests that are now divided into 5 Limited Partnerships: the David, Charles, Joel, Judson and Helen Oil Limited Partnership.